Screen Eye Snoop Catcher App

Takes a photos using the front camera when someone tries to unlock your phone. Find Who is Trying to Unlock Your Phone. A camera for thief who tried to unlock the phone. See who is trying to unlock my phone.

Catch the thief who try open your phone lock. Ever suspected someone of trying to unlock your phone while you’re away, but haven’t been able to prove anything? One of these apps might come in handy. They take a picture with the front-facing camera when someone enters the wrong PIN. How To Capture Someone’s Picture Who Tries To Unlock Your Phone this app will capture a photo of the intruder each time he/she tries to unlock your device.

Use This app and catch all the mobile snoopers with ease. Your friends or family member might have tried to unlock your phone. this is a simple app with no frills that will photograph the person when they try to unlock your phone.Snap Photos of Person Who is Entering Wrong Unlock Password or PIN on your Android er tries to unlock your phone without your knowledge.


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