Share Notification Save App

This app is to share you and your other members’ notifications in one place.You can share any of installed apps and system apps notifications.Most of the people use for social media (like messenger, twitter, instagram, tiktok, etc), banking, messaging, incoming call and others.Trigger sniffing attack for good purpose or learning, you can sniffing your victim steps like chatting, who is calling him, messaging.

Your login information is safe, you don’t have to worry about your login information, we don’t show up your login info on screen.Simply you can turn off the sharing service as you want.If you want to monitor other notifications only, you should turn off the Listen Notification switch in app setting.

You can save specific notifications to show up.Query your data with notification’s title and specific app.First of all, you have to login with any methods Google, Facebook or Email Password.(Note: You have to login with the same account in other(victim or members) device to monitor or share notifications.


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