Shake Mobile Unpluq Reduce Screen Time App

Reduce your screen time, for real. Make using distracting apps hard, on purpose. We care about your digital wellbeing. Unpluq’s unique features are built with a focus on offering you a balanced and healthy digital life. Our users save an average of 51 minutes of screen time per day because distracting apps are blocked through our unique distraction barriers. With Unpluq, you will therefore be able to focus on the things you find important in life, free of unnecessary smartphone distraction.

We continue to make sure Unpluq creates a more meaningful (digital) life for you. Whether you’re working from your couch, studying from the library, or having some special times with your friends, Unpluq is ready to help you focus on the “moment”.

With Unpluq, distracting apps of your choice (and their notifications) are blocked by default, and they are only accessible through unique software barriers. It helps you to regain control over your smartphone and focus on the meaningful things in life. Easy.

To access your distracting apps you have to cross a distraction barrier (like shaking your phone for 5 seconds or tapping 7 buttons). The additional barrier helps to make the decision to use distracting apps a conscious choice instead of a mindless habit. There are two barriers to choose from in the free version (Shaking and tapping). Also, you can change their difficulty, to make accessing your distracting apps harder or easier depending on your taste.


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