Screen Off Keep Playing App

Hai folks today we are sharing new app for Android users.When you launch “Screen Off Keep Playing” the App will ask for some permission. After that, you can launch the service and the App will wait in background until you decide to run it.Due to the new Google policy we have removed the accessibility service so we cannot use the volume up to start the application. Alternatively we have added some new way – possibly better – to start the app.

Download Click on the Chathead, on the Notification or on the quicksetting tile ( Android 7.0+ ) and the screen will become black, showing the logo for 10 seconds. After that the logo will disappear and the brightness set to the lower value.Start a Youtube playlist, tap on the notification, tile or chathead and the screen will go black while your video is playing! If you need the screen on again just double tap on the screen!

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