Screen G Gesture App

One gesture app to rule them all. Total gesture control. The power of gestures is in your hands now! Make your phone easier to use. Gesture Suite uses a custom made gesture recognition algorithm that no other app has. Among its other advantages it can also distinguish the same shape in different sizes. Example: small S shape triggers action A while big S shape triggers action B.

Custom touch gestures using up to 10 fingers! Air gestures using proximity sensor (5 different types). Shake gestures using accelerometer sensor (short shake and long shake). Voice commands, Task Scheduler (alarm and countdown type), App Watcher (triggered by foreground app changes). Device events (device boot, screen locked etc…)

To trigger customs tasks of your own creation to control your device settings or perform multiple automated actions and save time and energy. Gesture Suite offers over 70 actions you can execute to simplify things for you. Among others Gesture Suite offers the following features:


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