Home Circle Sidebar Edge Screen

Floatoo SideBar, Add quick launch shortcuts of any App, Contact, Floating Widget, App in-built Shortcut, just like any other famous launcher, and access it all from anywhere with just a swipe. Material Design & Fuzzy search.

Floatoo SideBar (Edge Screen, Circle Launcher) is the only app drawer / app launcher with fuzzy search support. Add Beautiful Floating Widgets & App Shortcuts. Add contact shortcuts with direct-dial, direct email, direct WhatsApp, direct message action. Create Folder/Group to manage quick launch shortcuts. Battery Indicator on top of the screen. Powerful fuzzy Search, even with misspell or missing characters

Circle Launcher has two levels of shortcuts. Each first level Circle Shortcut has it own second level of Circle shortcuts. Number of circle launcher shortcuts can be increased in settings. Second level of circle launcher shortcuts can be disabled in settings.


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