Dial Button Secret App

Dialer Secret Vault: Hide Photos & Videos is the best app locker that hides files, photos, and videos to increase your android phone’s security.

In this digital world, privacy matters a lot to us, there are many files, documents, photos, videos, apps, etc. which we want to hide from others. When someone uses our phone we always have an insecurity about what would happen if they open my secret folder, file or any social media app.

Now, with this free app lock application, your secrete things will be only accessible by you and without any fear of privacy you can handover your android phone to others. The user interface of this app is exactly designed as a normal phone dialer so no one can identify that you are using an app locker.

When you open this app it will show the dialer like screen with the buttons of numbers, asterisk, hash, call, and options like keypad, favorites, contacts.

First of all, you will need to set a password for this app locker. In the keypad option you have to enter your password and to submit it you have to press the green call button, again you have to confirm your password and your password will be set for this app locker.


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