Anti Theft Alarm Find My Last Phone App

Anti Theft Alarm: Find my Lost Phone is a mobile phone security application. This mobile phone anti theft and anti lost app is simple but solution to all problems related to phone theft and Phone lost. In public and work places our phones are more prone to be lost or vulnerable. This Anti Theft Alarm: Find my Lost Phone makes you carefree about your mobile phone devices.

It protects your phone in multiple ways. Clap to Find my lost phone in seconds if it is silent mode and lost under sofa or car seat.
If a thief or a snooping and nosy friend tried to unlock your phone by entering wrong pin code at phone lock screen, this free app will take intruder selfie and email his captured secret photo and phone location to you silently and you can find your lost phone along with the crook. Therefore this free app is also a useful tool as a mobile phone thief catcher.

Anti Theft Alarm: Find my Lost Phone is antifurto de cellular and is designed in a way that it has features according to every situation. Your phone is safe with this security lock alarm app. It generates emergency ring tone alarm for every theft attempt.


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